Watch F1 Live in 2024: Stream Formula 1 Races

Watch F1 Live in 2024: Stream Formula 1 Races

Watch F1 Live in 2024: Stream Formula 1 Races

After eight months and 21 races, the 2023 Formula 1 season has come to an end. The Yas Marina circuit hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to conclude the circus.

Good news: even on vacation, some fans can watch it for free. Use a VPN to watch F1 live from abroad. Naturally, Max Verstappen will win the Abu Dhabi GP this year. From the start, he was expected to win a third consecutive drivers’ championship, and he has the potential to break his own GP victory record this weekend. His 18th podium in 2023 came at the Las Vegas GP

F1 live in 2024

Due to the obvious second and third places of Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton, fourth place will be contested. Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris are five points behind. Charles Leclerc’s final pass for second place in Sin City puts him within reach. Additionally, the rankings of entrepreneurs are exciting. Red Bull leads the season with just one race to spare, while Mercedes leads Ferrari by four points heading into Sunday’s final race.

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How can I watch all F1 races in the UK for free?

  • Sky broadcasts every race live.
  • Extended qualifying and highlights from Channel 4 hours after the race
  • Only the British GP is live on Channel 4.

F1 goes pay-per-view. There are methods to watch for free, especially if you just watch the highlights afterwards. Sky still retains exclusive rights to broadcast live races in the UK, Italy and Germany; therefore, Channel 4 will be the only source of free-to-air TV coverage. In 2023, Channel 4 broadcast the only event of the season, the British Grand Prix. If you are not watching the highlights live, it may take some time for the Channel 4 streaming service (“Channel 4”) to download them. Most highlights last over two hours and include 70% of the action.

You can watch Channel 4 on your TV, on your phone or tablet with the All 4 app (but not live) or online via the website. See all Channel 4 alternatives online. Another option to watch the races for free, especially live, is to use a VPN to stream them from foreign broadcasters on free channels (but not always with English commentary).

Can I watch F1 in 4K HDR?

Watch F1 Live in 2024: Stream Formula 1 Races

Sky is the only UK option for live racing streaming if you’re willing to pay. Sky Glass TVs or Sky Q boxes can deliver 4K HDR signals to compatible TVs for watching the races. Since Sky uses HLG HDR, that means it does. Sky TV Ultra HD add-ons are also required. Previously, you had to press the red Sky Sports F1 HD button to watch in 4K HDR. In March 2023, it was renamed “Sky Sports F1 UHD” to reflect its 4K HDR quality. BT TV subscribers with Sky channels can now watch in 4K HDR, but not now. You can add Sky Sports F1 and all other sports channels to your Sky package for £24 a month, but Netflix is ​​cheaper at £46 a month. Sky’s monopoly prevents Liberty Media’s F1 TV Pro from being offered in the UK.

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How to watch F1 for free with a VPN

  1. Join your favorite VPN. We suggest ExpressVPN.
  2. Launch the VPN software and select the service location. You can choose Austria for ORF or Servus TV for F1.
  3. Watch the free F1 live stream on ORF on your computer or smartphone.
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Try NordVPN, which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, or Surfshark, which offers 24/7 support. Both performed well in our tests.

Is F1 TV Pro available in the UK?

Formula 1

Not officially, but maybe. Formula 1’s official streaming channel, F1 TV Pro, is not available in the UK due to Sky’s exclusive deal for live racing. Only the Netherlands, Canada and the United States have F1 TV Pro. It’s cheaper at $79.99 per year or $9.99 per month, and you can use any dash cam or team radio whenever you want. Each race weekend, the helmet cameras will broadcast live footage of 6 to 8 drivers. Sky offers them, but F1 TV Pro is the only way to view them. In the UK, the Sky exclusive deal limits live timing to £2.29 per month. Liberty Media, owner of F1, has indicated that using a VPN will terminate your subscription without a refund. From direct experience, Surfshark can be used to view the service in the UK. It costs $59.76/£47.89 for 24 months (with two months free), or $2.30/£1.84 per month. Install the Surfshark app on your F1 TV Pro device and connect to a US server after registering.


What are the Brazil F1 live streaming instructions?

The group continues to broadcast F1 races live in Brazil for free. F1 TV Pro costs $39.99 per year or $5.19 per month for cord-cutters who want to watch every F1 race live.

Does F1 live streaming work in Croatia?

SportKlub is live streaming the 2023 F1 World Championship in Croatia.

Does F1 Livestreaming work in Finland?

F1 TV Pro broadcasts F1 in Finland. The monthly or annual subscription costs €10.99 or €109.99, which is more than in other countries.

Does F1 Livestreaming work in Germany?

Sky Germany will broadcast F1 2023 events. Austrians visiting Germany can watch Servus TV or ORF 1 live for free with ExpressVPN.

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